Monday, May 16, 2011

Not believing in the Devil Won't Protect You From Him:

For many Pakistanis, it would be easy to blame America for its' current crisis, but…
Before they do, let’s go over just a few of the things they cannot blame it on(in absolutely no particular order of impact):

1) The lack of education in this country
2) The ever strong feudalism spread throughout the country
3) The loadshedding
4) The stealing of electricity, both by the rich and the poor
5) Tax evasion.
6) Breaking red lights
7) Driving in the wrong lanes
8) Killing people because of their religious sects
9) Killing people because of their ethnic sects
10) Killing people because of their political sects
11) Killing people because of their dishonor to the family
12) Killing people because of their audacity to be different
13) Raping women and then being let go free
14) Throwing trash onto the ground without any concern for the community
15) The bribery for almost anything to almost anyone
16) The intolerance of each other
17) The politicians and their lies
18) The poor getting poorer
19) The paan stains all over the cities
20) The people sitting on top of buses like luggage
21) The fact that no one wears seatbelts
22) The thousands of abused women being overlooked
23) The plague level of guns in this country
24) The child labour
25) The incredibly huge disparity of wealth
26) The ever so strong divisions of class
27) The corruption in cricket
28) The corruption in government offices
29) The corruption in the police
30) The corruption in the army
31) The corruption by the rich
32) The corruption by the poor
33) The pollution
34) The disregard for copyrights of art and entertainment
35) The proliferation of sub standard products to make a quick buck
36) The dishonesty in the market place
37) The hypocrisy of preaching religion and not practicing it
38) The abuse of religion to further malicious intent
39) The guards attacking those they are hired to protect
40) The kids being forced into adulthood to put food on the table for their families. Kids.
41) ...

Blaming America for Pakistan's current crisis is like an obese child blaming all the candy in his hand. Pakistan is Pakistan’s problem. The sooner it figures that out, the sooner it can save it from itself.


  1. Your best one yet. You're completely right in this one. We Pakistani's have a tendancy to blame everything and everyone other than ourselves. About time for a reality check.

  2. Usman beta, your thinking mind has done it again !
    Out of all of the above, I would say that "everything" can be solved, or remedied, but what cannot be changed is the basic wrongs done by the army of this country to its people (like the guard robbing the ones he is paid to protect) !
    Aah....if only our army would perform its own duties correctly !
    They have unfortunately started doing everything else, BUT what they are supposed to do !
    And now they have started "selling" the country to other countries (Shamsi air-base was a shock).
    If only they would let the businessmen emerge and not take all businesses into their hands....
    If only they would declare their budget details (income, expenses) and be accountable....
    The reason they cannot hold the politicians accountable for anything is because it would be like the pot calling the kettle black.
    It is true what they say: other countries have an army, but in Pakistan the army has the country.
    The politicians are corrupt, that is true, but because they know they can get away with it.
    So they are getting more and more blatant....
    Everyone is playing a double game, and that is very dangerous for the country.
    We can only pray that some patriotic person will emerge out of all these scoundrels and set everything right.
    Even an HONEST dictator will be welcome.
    At the moment, everyone stinks of dishonesty.
    Pakistan ka "khuda hafiz", Americans are our "mai baap" and not our government.
    I hang my head in shame as my generation is the one that let you young ones down.....
    But I have hope in all of you, maybe, maybe, maybe someone HONEST will emerge........